long time no see..

wow…it’s been a while since my last post. I don’t even have any good excuse why… just been busy doing other things. Sorry blog dear.

I won some cool barefoot shoes and received them just a couple days ago, so now I’ve been learning how to walk and run again. The right way. It’s really quite fun actually, and all the little muscles (and bigger ones too) in my feet and legs are so sore! even though I haven’t been doing a whole lot…

 Yes my feet were quite cold actually, thanks for asking 😉 glad i’ve got them shoes now to keep me warm!

They made quite a nice print in the snow too. The bigger, funny looking ones I mean. Those wolf kinds belong to my dog 😉

What else….? i’ve been doing this paleo lifestyle thing for almost 2 months now and it’s been really great! I’ve found so much information online and there’s so many podcasts to listen to, so many blogs to read etc that my days are so full nowadays. fascinating stuff. Right now i’m looking into cold thermogenesis (google “jack kruse cold thermogenesis” if you want more info) and how it can help boost metabolism, immunity and overall health etc… really interesting stuff. Then I remembered how I loved to take cold showers before going to sauna when I was a kid and have adapted those back into my life and they feel so amazing! I’ve been also shocking the neighbours by hanging outside in shorts and a t-shirt 😉 …i used to be famous for my cold adaptation abilities when I was younger so that’s where i’m aiming for. The last couple of years when my health hasn’t been the best i have also lost some of that ability (and been shivering under a blanket, dressed in wool and thick clothing…lol) so it’s now time to get that ability back as well as the health 😉

I better finish now but don’t worry I will write again soon. i promise;)


Woolly hat n wrist warmers

As the weather has been getting colder i’ve been busy knitting…well not really to be honest. but it’s been nice to do something useful while watching way too many movies lately. i’ve been really into English period films lately. Ha! i have no idea where i get these whims all the time 😛

the beanie was made with this pattern: http://www.novita.fi/cms.php?cms_cname=neulemallisivu&nlm_id=92090 (sorry that’s in Finnish)

a similar beanie can be found at: http://www.woollywormhead.com/the-long-beanie/ though if you want it folded in the back like mine you might make it even a little longer. mine was 26 cm before the crown shaping began.

and the wrist warmers i just improvised. 40 sts in 4 needles (->round), knit rib stitch (Knit 1 Purl 1). That until you arrive to the thumb point (24 cm if you want the same length as mine). here you can make the thumb as you’re used to OR do as i did; at the beginning of the 3rd needle (this is the right hand one. in the left one do the same in the end of the 2nd needle) bind off 3 sts and continue normally until you come to the same point where you started binding those 3 off. Flip the work and go back on the other side. then at the end turn again and repeat one more time. You should now have 4 rows altogether. then just continue normally and when you arrive to the spot of the hole make 3 new sts to replace the missing ones (so you can continue the round again). Knit until the length is good for you (mine was 8cm after the thumb hole) and bind off to finish. to make the thumb pick 3×4 sts on 3 needles from the sides of the hole and knit couple cms and finish it off.

Hope you can make something of my writing…this is the first time that i’m trying to think these knitting things in English so there might be some mistakes there. but if you have any questions feel free to ask 😉

the harvest

The last few weeks have been busy cause it’s the time to pick all those goodies mother nature has to offer and preserve them for later usage (or at least what’s left of them after eating them fresh from the bushes and trees…) 🙂 well, this year the harvest was quite good so most of it ended up in jams or juices that now fill up to half of my fridge 😛

Did you spot the cool goosh ball that lies low behind the white currants? i found that in the fork of an apple tree o.O apparently my goddaughter or her little sister had been playing with it outside 😀

I made lots of jams this year…regular apple jam, rosehip-applejam, cinnamon-applejam, blackcurrant jelly… and also some juices from apples and white- red- and blackcurrants. The rosehip-applejam turned out a lot nicer than i anticipated (plus it’s packed with vitamins!) so I thought i might share the recipe with you so here you go:


500g rosehips

500g apples

2-3 dl water

500g sugar(if you want the jam to be thicker

you can use the jam sugar that has pectin in it)

Cut and core the apples and rosehips. you can cut the rose hips in half and remove the seeds inside easily with the wrong end of a spoon. Cook them in the water until tender. Add the sugar and let boil for one more minute. Then pour the jam into sterilized jars and cork securely.

There is still some more things to do in the garden, some more food to gather. this time underground though… the beetroot has managed to grow decently this year and i hope to find a few potatoes there as well.

Hot choco and random ramblings

ohhh it’s been so long since my last post that i simply have to write something..and also.. i haven’t talked about chocolate for so long that it’s simply impossible to have a blog named like this and not talk about it 😉

i just woke up crazy early this morning. it’s kind of nice to be awake when everyone else is asleep. it’s so peaceful and quiet 🙂

so whuts been up lately… not much and loads… mainly some fun autumn stuff; picking berries n apples and making jam/juice our of em, knitting (will post pics later when im dun), watching movies and meeting friends.

Autumn; it’s so nice to actually be able to wear some clothes again 😛 (it was sooo hot at times this summer! ..not complaining thou…i love summer just the same) i’ve always liked to buy some new clothes in the autumn…it’s like a rebirth in a way 🙂 there’s this kind of excited atmosphere as if something big is about to happen soon. Friends meet again after a while. new projects take place and so on and so on…

haha…i think that’s about all the ramble i had in me for now… and there’s absolutely no point to this post (except for getting one more “hot choco” tag in the tag cloud 😀 … so thank you for reading this far 😀 i hope you will have an awesome day! 🙂

p.s. eat (or drink) loads of choco… its healthy 😉


Found this beautiful sunflower at Regents park in London. Such a beautiful place 🙂


Back on the game 🙂

i love the colour 🙂 such a bright spot in the grey asphalt/stone jungle


what’s a nicer way to end a warm summer day than to sit down and have a glass of bubbly… mineral water 😉

Have a great time everyone… i will go on a lil summer holiday and won’t be taking part for couple of weeks now (just in case someone wonders where i disappeared)… take awesome pictures all! 🙂

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