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long time no see..

wow…it’s been a while since my last post. I don’t even have any good excuse why… just been busy doing other things. Sorry blog dear.

I won some cool barefoot shoes and received them just a couple days ago, so now I’ve been learning how to walk and run again. The right way. It’s really quite fun actually, and all the little muscles (and bigger ones too) in my feet and legs are so sore! even though I haven’t been doing a whole lot…

 Yes my feet were quite cold actually, thanks for asking 😉 glad i’ve got them shoes now to keep me warm!

They made quite a nice print in the snow too. The bigger, funny looking ones I mean. Those wolf kinds belong to my dog 😉

What else….? i’ve been doing this paleo lifestyle thing for almost 2 months now and it’s been really great! I’ve found so much information online and there’s so many podcasts to listen to, so many blogs to read etc that my days are so full nowadays. fascinating stuff. Right now i’m looking into cold thermogenesis (google “jack kruse cold thermogenesis” if you want more info) and how it can help boost metabolism, immunity and overall health etc… really interesting stuff. Then I remembered how I loved to take cold showers before going to sauna when I was a kid and have adapted those back into my life and they feel so amazing! I’ve been also shocking the neighbours by hanging outside in shorts and a t-shirt 😉 …i used to be famous for my cold adaptation abilities when I was younger so that’s where i’m aiming for. The last couple of years when my health hasn’t been the best i have also lost some of that ability (and been shivering under a blanket, dressed in wool and thick clothing…lol) so it’s now time to get that ability back as well as the health 😉

I better finish now but don’t worry I will write again soon. i promise;)


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Cancer can be cured

For a long time i have believed that there are certain things a person can do to prevent and cure cancer in their body. Most effectively by changing their diet and removing all the stress from their lives. There is so much information online that you can utilise. Some true and some not so much, but if it helps your health in any way it helps you beat the cancer too.

I watched this documentary a while ago that actually sparked me to write this blog post. It was called Cancer – the forbidden cures by Massimo Mazzucco. It cleared out a lot of things i had already known but revealed a bunch of new things too.

The most amazing thing for me personally was the connection between yeast and cancer. And what are the cures for yeast syndrome; Diet and stress relief! And after a little googling i found that in some cancer treatments the diet instructions are exactly the same. How could i not see this connection before?!  Think about it; how many cancer patients there were less if yeast problems were dealt with before they cause any cancer at all. In addition of the diet there are plants and other natural substances that can be used successfully in curing cancer. The documentary presents Essiac, Hoxsey, Laetrile, Shark Cartilage, Mistletoe, and Bicarbonate of Soda and how they have been used to successfully cure cancer.

On the other hand the documentary explains the modern medicine industry and how it operates. It shows the corrupted machinery that doctors are sucked into as early as in medical school. Being fine dined and bribed into believing that drugs are the only solution. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily this straight forward (and definitely not saying that doctors are stupid sheep who just follow the orders that they are taught) but man….i have seen the local medical students and their “club house” and the walls covered in advertisements of different drug companies and their products (i wonder who sponsored that club house in the first place, cause we sure didn’t have a place like that). So… i don’t know how could i not think that there’s a bit of a brainwashing going on.

It was absolutely heartbreaking watching a little kid explaining what happens to his memory after getting cancer treatment. His ability to concentrate diminishes if there is some noise or other disturbing factors in the environment. “just makes me feel like my mind’s been erased”

Now wouldn’t it be great if this all could be dealt with in natural ways instead of harmful drugs? …wait a minute. It IS possible! Be informed 🙂

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Choco madness

Chocolate is my favourite subject to eat, study and talk about..well at least one of them 😀 so here’s some ramble i’ve put together for your enjoyment…

There are numerous health benefits in eating cacao (now, why i say cacao instead of chocolate is because if you process the cacao, add milk and sugar and other crap in it it’s not the same stuff and these things just don’t apply anymore…). Cacao is high in antioxidants, it lowers your stress levels, it’s good for your heart, it can lower high blood pressure (Ha! no wonder my blood pressure has always been excellent 😀 ) and it’s definitely a great mood lifter 🙂 and so on and so on… plus, there are numerous studies popping out all the time that suggest all kinds of new areas it can be useful at, like cancer treatment:) …this makes me think.. i’d really like to see someone making a large scale study on how it can affect people with mental illness. It might be remarkable…

Cacao contains many vitamins and minerals; A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B11, C, E, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and so on. Plus good quality natural fats.

Other active ingredients include serotonin, caffeine, theobromine and phenylethylamine (among others). Serotonin level in brain can be increased by eating cacao. Depression and PMS lowers the levels of serotonin. There is some caffeine in cacao (raw!) however the levels are much lower than you might think, only 1/20 of what’s in coffee. It’s all the natural stimulants that together bring the strong stimulating effects, not just the caffeine. Theobromine is a mild stimulant and diuretic (toxic to some animals, this is why you can’t give normal chocolate to dogs) and phenylethylamine is an antidepressant that is similar to our own body’s dopamine and adrenaline.

On the other hand then cacao contains so many nutrients that you don’t need to eat a whole lot of it. There are some substances that you might even get excess amount of. How this works for me is that when i have been eating a lot of cacao beans i suddenly don’t feel like eating them at all anymore. It’s my body’s way of telling me that it’s time to take a little choco break 😀 It’s good to remember that cacao has many stimulants etc = substances that you can get addicted to so its a good idea to take breaks from it every now and then to avoid an addiction.

For women chocolate works as an excellent alleviator of menstrual cramps (PLUS it makes you happier, so you don’t have to be that cranky!) This i noticed many years ago, even before i really got into all this healthy eating stuff. What i would do was to eat about 34g of regular milk chocolate at a time and that would ease the cramps for good 15-20 minutes at a time (not a whole lot but believe me it was WAY better than nothing)…so you can imagine how much chocolate i ate in the long run 😮 …well maybe not all that much but at times it could easily be 400-600g in just 2 days.

Now when you really think about it…how much sugar and other crap there is in the regular chocolate? a lot… soon i shifted into eating the dark ones with higher percentage of cacao in them…they also gave longer results in the pain relief 😀 But getting used to that bitterness was a bit tricky…and the 99% chocolate was not very tasty, to say the least.

Over the years i found more and more information about health and food and finally bumped into raw foods and raw chocolate! I loved making different raw chocolates and to my surprise the real chocolate itself didn’t taste as bitter as the shop’s chocolates! This is because the real chocolate still has all its natural fats in it etc and it’s not processed like the products in the supermarket.

Then! the next step of my chocolate evolution (As i got too lazy to make the chocolates anymore, and too obsessed with even more natural foods) was to eat only the raw whole chocolate beans! (or chocolate nibs) And that’s the road i’m still on today 😀 (though sometimes i eat ready made raw high % chocolates too, but mostly just the real deal 😉 )

AND it is so concentrated stuff that when its that time of the month i don’t have to eat a whole lot and it works like a charm 🙂

Did you know that in South America cacao beans were used as money? It was popular among Aztecs, Inkas and Mayas and they used to make bitter drink out of it that they called chocolatl. They added also chili and other cool stuff in it. I recommend trying a hint of chili in your hot chocolate sometime, it’s goood 😀 Christopher Columbus was the first European to bring cacao beans to europe (in 1504) but their value was neglected. In 1519 Hernando Cortez managed to bring the cacao into the European people’s hearts and it has been used here in growing numbers ever since.

I think after all this writing it’s time to go and enjoy some choco beans 😀

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(p)reparing for the summer :)

even thought the -30 °c is hitting pretty hard at the time the bright sun is still bringing the summer vibes this way. so it’s time to get ready for the summer ahead, rite?

That legendary summer body? check! time to amp up the diet and increase the amount of exercise. as u can see that’s just what i’ve been doing…my poor ergo is going thru some tough times…lol …i wonder how i could repair it..either i gotta find some better rope that wont fall apart so easily orrr then fix the surfaces its rubbing agains to be a bit smoother. any good ideas??

another thing that’s in need of a lil bit repairing is my ipod… had a lil water related accident with it last summer and i thought it was dead…until yesterday…i saw some signs of revival in it! after about 10 months!? wtf? i know they take a long time to dry but 10 months??? anyway…now it’s being repaired and hopefully i’ll have it up n running soon.



That’s my summer prep routine…i’m pretty sure i’ll be ready when it gets here 🙂


but the real question is;

are You ready?!

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I thought i’d share some movies i’ve been watching about yoga as well as some spiritual stuff too.

Yoga movies:

  • Living Yoga: the life and teachings of Swami Satchidananda A lil bit info about how yoga came to the western world etc. nice little talks, bits of information… I don’t exactly know what was so special about this film but i liked it very much. maybe it was just my mood or the yoga i was doing while watching it… none the less i had a really nice feeling watching this one.
  • Enlighten up! nice lil documentary following a guy on his journey to see what yoga is all about. interesting places and spiritual teachings, people…worth to watch
  • Titans of yoga different yogis sitting in a studio (kinda the same way as in “the secret”…) telling their own stories related to yoga. i didn’t get much out of this one…it was ok, but i forgot most of it as soon as i had watched it so i guess its nothing too special…

Yoga scenes in movies:

  • Couples retreat a comic yoga scene taking place on a holiday 4 couples had taken to work on their relationships. funny…
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall a comedy about a guy who is going on a holiday after getting dumped and the ex happens to be at the same resort with his new romance. hilarious yoga scene.

Spiritual movies:

  • Eat, Pray, Love a good mood film about a woman who wakes up into realising her life is nothing that she wanted and decides to make a change.
  • Peaceful Warrior typical “from defeat into victory” type of a story teaching important lessons along the way. enjoyable.
  • the Secret & the Moses Code the secret introduces the basics of law of attraction and moses code deepens that knowledge. good basic movies for those interested in the matter.
  • Ambition to Meaning teachings about life tied loosely into a storyline. nice to watch.
  • Celestine Prophecy a little bit of action and an actual plot (not so usual with these kind of movies) so its nice to watch. still very full of teaching and makes you think about things.
  • What the bleep do we know? interesting points about law of attraction and quantum physics. definitely worth to watch if you’re interested in those subjects.

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My Yogic Journey

When i was a little kid and holidaying on the canary islands i saw this strange man stretching and doing all kinds of funny looking moves on the beach. At that time it was mostly hilarious, probably due to his tightest tight Speedos and weird morning hour routine. Why would anyone get up voluntarily at that time to do some exercise? 😉

Yesterday i found out that it goes even beyond that! i have actually done some cool yoga moves when i was a kid… and didn’t even know it 🙂 i used to do crane pose a lot! luvd it! i was watching a video on youtube, and saw some people doing that very same move at a yoga class. I was like; omg, is that a real yoga move?!

anyway..here’s the vid…funny stuff:

Apart from that i got more properly into yoga about 7 (?) years ago. I haven’t been doing yoga continuously the whole time though. But every now and then it’s a nice work out. Probably the coolest thing about it is that you can always aim higher… so it never gets boring.. there’s always something more difficult to sink your teeth into.

This winter i’ve picked up on yoga again a little more. Lately i’ve been doing also other yogic activities than just the asanas. Pranayama’s (yogic breathing exercises) are a great way to stay healthy. Did you know that there are 6 main parts of yoga and the asanas/bodily exercises are just one part of it? if you got interested its worth googling for more…

want to see how elvis did at a yoga class? :

That’s about it…maybe i’ll share my favorite vids or something in the future too…will see… catch ya later…

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