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Woolly hat n wrist warmers

As the weather has been getting colder i’ve been busy knitting…well not really to be honest. but it’s been nice to do something useful while watching way too many movies lately. i’ve been really into English period films lately. Ha! i have no idea where i get these whims all the time 😛

the beanie was made with this pattern: http://www.novita.fi/cms.php?cms_cname=neulemallisivu&nlm_id=92090 (sorry that’s in Finnish)

a similar beanie can be found at: http://www.woollywormhead.com/the-long-beanie/ though if you want it folded in the back like mine you might make it even a little longer. mine was 26 cm before the crown shaping began.

and the wrist warmers i just improvised. 40 sts in 4 needles (->round), knit rib stitch (Knit 1 Purl 1). That until you arrive to the thumb point (24 cm if you want the same length as mine). here you can make the thumb as you’re used to OR do as i did; at the beginning of the 3rd needle (this is the right hand one. in the left one do the same in the end of the 2nd needle) bind off 3 sts and continue normally until you come to the same point where you started binding those 3 off. Flip the work and go back on the other side. then at the end turn again and repeat one more time. You should now have 4 rows altogether. then just continue normally and when you arrive to the spot of the hole make 3 new sts to replace the missing ones (so you can continue the round again). Knit until the length is good for you (mine was 8cm after the thumb hole) and bind off to finish. to make the thumb pick 3×4 sts on 3 needles from the sides of the hole and knit couple cms and finish it off.

Hope you can make something of my writing…this is the first time that i’m trying to think these knitting things in English so there might be some mistakes there. but if you have any questions feel free to ask 😉


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I found some cool organic fabric earlier at one online shop. And finally did some sewing the other day and here’s what came out of it all:


The instructions for the frog i found here:  http://www.ottobredesign.com/fi/kaavat/pdf/bean_bag_frog.pdf

And the pants here:



I have some more of the fabric and i already cut out some more stuff… i’m gonna make some pants for myself as well and some smaller things… later when i have the inspiration…






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been knitting again…

seriously…i’ve never in my entire life been knitting as much as in the last couple of months. well..it’s a good way of making yourself feel useful when recovering from the colds of this winter and very rewarding as well. i ♥ my new beanie 🙂

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been knitting…

…just finished these yesterday:)

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