omg..i was just shuffling for songs on my computer and colbie caillat’s rainbow started to play! i’m not kidding! seriously! 🙂

now i forgot what i was gonna write cause it wasn’t anything important and that song just blew my mind away… lol

aaaanyhou… life is great isn’t it… notice the small things… it’s all good 🙂

follow your rainbow…you’ll never know where it might take you 🙂

on a serious note though. Today has been a huge day, in a spiritual sense anyway… it’s the lunar eclipse and the energies are so high and wonderful right now. This means greater awekenings, speedy manifestations and all the cool stuff 🙂 Did you notice anything exceptional today? hope so.

I was so much in tune with everything that this day has been amazing…i was jumping from youtube video to another learning all cool things… even bumped into a girl who had lost 26kg with pure thought power and that gave me a little confidence booster and a reminder that IT CAN BE DONE! lol… sometimes we forget stuff we already know.

All the best…smile 🙂 life is pretty awesome! isn’t it.



I left a cd on the floor one day (don’t know why…lol) and it made some cool images on the wall later when the sun hit it. That’s what music would look like if you could see it 😉 jokes..

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


E.T … phone … home 😉

(that white dot is Jupiter btw…and behind the trees is the moon… taken last autumn… when Jupiter was close to earth)

Bean bag frog and pants

I found some cool organic fabric earlier at one online shop. And finally did some sewing the other day and here’s what came out of it all:


The instructions for the frog i found here:  http://www.ottobredesign.com/fi/kaavat/pdf/bean_bag_frog.pdf

And the pants here:



I have some more of the fabric and i already cut out some more stuff… i’m gonna make some pants for myself as well and some smaller things… later when i have the inspiration…






Cancer can be cured

For a long time i have believed that there are certain things a person can do to prevent and cure cancer in their body. Most effectively by changing their diet and removing all the stress from their lives. There is so much information online that you can utilise. Some true and some not so much, but if it helps your health in any way it helps you beat the cancer too.

I watched this documentary a while ago that actually sparked me to write this blog post. It was called Cancer – the forbidden cures by Massimo Mazzucco. It cleared out a lot of things i had already known but revealed a bunch of new things too.

The most amazing thing for me personally was the connection between yeast and cancer. And what are the cures for yeast syndrome; Diet and stress relief! And after a little googling i found that in some cancer treatments the diet instructions are exactly the same. How could i not see this connection before?!  Think about it; how many cancer patients there were less if yeast problems were dealt with before they cause any cancer at all. In addition of the diet there are plants and other natural substances that can be used successfully in curing cancer. The documentary presents Essiac, Hoxsey, Laetrile, Shark Cartilage, Mistletoe, and Bicarbonate of Soda and how they have been used to successfully cure cancer.

On the other hand the documentary explains the modern medicine industry and how it operates. It shows the corrupted machinery that doctors are sucked into as early as in medical school. Being fine dined and bribed into believing that drugs are the only solution. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily this straight forward (and definitely not saying that doctors are stupid sheep who just follow the orders that they are taught) but man….i have seen the local medical students and their “club house” and the walls covered in advertisements of different drug companies and their products (i wonder who sponsored that club house in the first place, cause we sure didn’t have a place like that). So… i don’t know how could i not think that there’s a bit of a brainwashing going on.

It was absolutely heartbreaking watching a little kid explaining what happens to his memory after getting cancer treatment. His ability to concentrate diminishes if there is some noise or other disturbing factors in the environment. “just makes me feel like my mind’s been erased”

Now wouldn’t it be great if this all could be dealt with in natural ways instead of harmful drugs? …wait a minute. It IS possible! Be informed 🙂


This weeks theme was wet. i chose a picture i took last year at a cottage. it was bright and early in the morning, mist still flowing above the lake and lots of dew on plants. serene.


Hihi 🙂 happy eggs…

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