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My Yogic Journey

When i was a little kid and holidaying on the canary islands i saw this strange man stretching and doing all kinds of funny looking moves on the beach. At that time it was mostly hilarious, probably due to his tightest tight Speedos and weird morning hour routine. Why would anyone get up voluntarily at that time to do some exercise? 😉

Yesterday i found out that it goes even beyond that! i have actually done some cool yoga moves when i was a kid… and didn’t even know it 🙂 i used to do crane pose a lot! luvd it! i was watching a video on youtube, and saw some people doing that very same move at a yoga class. I was like; omg, is that a real yoga move?!

anyway..here’s the vid…funny stuff:

Apart from that i got more properly into yoga about 7 (?) years ago. I haven’t been doing yoga continuously the whole time though. But every now and then it’s a nice work out. Probably the coolest thing about it is that you can always aim higher… so it never gets boring.. there’s always something more difficult to sink your teeth into.

This winter i’ve picked up on yoga again a little more. Lately i’ve been doing also other yogic activities than just the asanas. Pranayama’s (yogic breathing exercises) are a great way to stay healthy. Did you know that there are 6 main parts of yoga and the asanas/bodily exercises are just one part of it? if you got interested its worth googling for more…

want to see how elvis did at a yoga class? :

That’s about it…maybe i’ll share my favorite vids or something in the future too…will see… catch ya later…


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