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(p)reparing for the summer :)

even thought the -30 °c is hitting pretty hard at the time the bright sun is still bringing the summer vibes this way. so it’s time to get ready for the summer ahead, rite?

That legendary summer body? check! time to amp up the diet and increase the amount of exercise. as u can see that’s just what i’ve been doing…my poor ergo is going thru some tough times…lol …i wonder how i could repair it..either i gotta find some better rope that wont fall apart so easily orrr then fix the surfaces its rubbing agains to be a bit smoother. any good ideas??

another thing that’s in need of a lil bit repairing is my ipod… had a lil water related accident with it last summer and i thought it was dead…until yesterday…i saw some signs of revival in it! after about 10 months!? wtf? i know they take a long time to dry but 10 months??? anyway…now it’s being repaired and hopefully i’ll have it up n running soon.



That’s my summer prep routine…i’m pretty sure i’ll be ready when it gets here 🙂


but the real question is;

are You ready?!


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