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the harvest

The last few weeks have been busy cause it’s the time to pick all those goodies mother nature has to offer and preserve them for later usage (or at least what’s left of them after eating them fresh from the bushes and trees…) 🙂 well, this year the harvest was quite good so most of it ended up in jams or juices that now fill up to half of my fridge 😛

Did you spot the cool goosh ball that lies low behind the white currants? i found that in the fork of an apple tree o.O apparently my goddaughter or her little sister had been playing with it outside 😀

I made lots of jams this year…regular apple jam, rosehip-applejam, cinnamon-applejam, blackcurrant jelly… and also some juices from apples and white- red- and blackcurrants. The rosehip-applejam turned out a lot nicer than i anticipated (plus it’s packed with vitamins!) so I thought i might share the recipe with you so here you go:


500g rosehips

500g apples

2-3 dl water

500g sugar(if you want the jam to be thicker

you can use the jam sugar that has pectin in it)

Cut and core the apples and rosehips. you can cut the rose hips in half and remove the seeds inside easily with the wrong end of a spoon. Cook them in the water until tender. Add the sugar and let boil for one more minute. Then pour the jam into sterilized jars and cork securely.

There is still some more things to do in the garden, some more food to gather. this time underground though… the beetroot has managed to grow decently this year and i hope to find a few potatoes there as well.


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