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This weeks challenge was “tree”.  i was actually being a lil lazy and utilising one of the pictures i took few weeks back (when the challenge was called “cold”). I just liked this one tree pic so much and it had been waiting for a right place to be posted on that i think it deserves its place well in here.


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here’s yet another Thursday challenge photo. this time the theme was ‘texture’…

This weeks challenge was probably the most difficult so far. not because there weren’t enough suitable object to photograph, but because there were too many. many of the photos were a little crappy though so in the end it was easy to pick out a winner 😛

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This week’s Thursday challenge is “cold”. Could it be that they knew id catch a cold this week 😛 lol… well anyway, luckily enough i had taken my pictures already earlier this week and was able to still take part in the challenge.

I better crawl back to my bed now and have some rest, here it goes:


Have a great rest of the week everyone:)

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i just heard about this cool photography challenge today and thought id give it a go. Every thursday you post a photo on your blog and the photo has to fit a certain theme that is given. more info in here.

it’s way past thursday already but i just couldn’t wait to start so i’m catching up with last thursday’s theme: “window”


it was truly a blast running around and trying to find a cool spot to photograph 🙂 such a nice activity! luv it! 🙂

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