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Yummy tuna wok

Woks are easy and quick šŸ™‚ i tried fresh tuna for the first time in my life and it turned out perfect! Even the cooking bit was absolute joy from the very beginning with all the bright colours. Very pretty šŸ˜€


ingredients (the amounts and even theĀ ingredientsĀ can vary, be creative!)

  • 200g fresh tuna
  • half of a red bell pepper
  • 150g red cabbage

+ seasoningĀ (i put: salt, some chili, herbs)

Chop the ingredients, heat the oil in a pan, pop the ingredients in and wok em in high heat until ready. You may want to consider what goes first if the ingredients vary in cooking time (i put cabbage first, then bell pepper and fish). Season according to your own taste. In my dish there were loads of good flavours there already so i didn’t want to put too much seasoning to spoil them so i seasoned it nicely and lightly with salt and herbs and gave it a nice little kick from chili.

andĀ VoilĆ ! šŸ˜€



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