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I thought i’d share some movies i’ve been watching about yoga as well as some spiritual stuff too.

Yoga movies:

  • Living Yoga: the life and teachings of Swami Satchidananda A lil bit info about how yoga came to the western world etc. nice little talks, bits of information… I don’t exactly know what was so special about this film but i liked it very much. maybe it was just my mood or the yoga i was doing while watching it… none the less i had a really nice feeling watching this one.
  • Enlighten up! nice lil documentary following a guy on his journey to see what yoga is all about. interesting places and spiritual teachings, people…worth to watch
  • Titans of yoga different yogis sitting in a studio (kinda the same way as in “the secret”…) telling their own stories related to yoga. i didn’t get much out of this one…it was ok, but i forgot most of it as soon as i had watched it so i guess its nothing too special…

Yoga scenes in movies:

  • Couples retreat a comic yoga scene taking place on a holiday 4 couples had taken to work on their relationships. funny…
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall a comedy about a guy who is going on a holiday after getting dumped and the ex happens to be at the same resort with his new romance. hilarious yoga scene.

Spiritual movies:

  • Eat, Pray, Love a good mood film about a woman who wakes up into realising her life is nothing that she wanted and decides to make a change.
  • Peaceful Warrior typical “from defeat into victory” type of a story teaching important lessons along the way. enjoyable.
  • the Secret & the Moses Code the secret introduces the basics of law of attraction and moses code deepens that knowledge. good basic movies for those interested in the matter.
  • Ambition to Meaning teachings about life tied loosely into a storyline. nice to watch.
  • Celestine Prophecy a little bit of action and an actual plot (not so usual with these kind of movies) so its nice to watch. still very full of teaching and makes you think about things.
  • What the bleep do we know? interesting points about law of attraction and quantum physics. definitely worth to watch if you’re interested in those subjects.


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My Yogic Journey

When i was a little kid and holidaying on the canary islands i saw this strange man stretching and doing all kinds of funny looking moves on the beach. At that time it was mostly hilarious, probably due to his tightest tight Speedos and weird morning hour routine. Why would anyone get up voluntarily at that time to do some exercise? 😉

Yesterday i found out that it goes even beyond that! i have actually done some cool yoga moves when i was a kid… and didn’t even know it 🙂 i used to do crane pose a lot! luvd it! i was watching a video on youtube, and saw some people doing that very same move at a yoga class. I was like; omg, is that a real yoga move?!

anyway..here’s the vid…funny stuff:

Apart from that i got more properly into yoga about 7 (?) years ago. I haven’t been doing yoga continuously the whole time though. But every now and then it’s a nice work out. Probably the coolest thing about it is that you can always aim higher… so it never gets boring.. there’s always something more difficult to sink your teeth into.

This winter i’ve picked up on yoga again a little more. Lately i’ve been doing also other yogic activities than just the asanas. Pranayama’s (yogic breathing exercises) are a great way to stay healthy. Did you know that there are 6 main parts of yoga and the asanas/bodily exercises are just one part of it? if you got interested its worth googling for more…

want to see how elvis did at a yoga class? :

That’s about it…maybe i’ll share my favorite vids or something in the future too…will see… catch ya later…

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